HUGRO 电缆接头!

HUGRO 有线腺体!


我们的优质产品全部经过认证,均由不锈钢、铜、铝或合成材料制成,可以提供不同的螺纹制式,如,国际标准公制螺纹(Metric)、德国 DIN40430 标准螺纹(PG)、美国标准螺纹(NPT)、澳大利亚标准螺纹(GAS)。丰富的配件种类更加扩充了我们产品的多样性。我们的特殊优势还体现在适用于电磁兼容性(EMC)和特殊防护领域的产品方面。




Our wide range of high-quality hygienic cable glands can cover all areas where easy and effective cleanability and resistance are important.
Our metal cable glands are covering all the requirements of the industry due to our series variety. Typical fields of application are general machine and plant construction, measurement and control technology.
Our synthetic cable glands are available in various shapes, colors, threads and materials to meet the general requirements of our customers.
With the increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the requirements for system solutions for cable shielding are increasing.
Here you will find a wide range of ex-protected cable glands, protective sleeves and accessories, such as transition pieces and blind plugs certified according to the latest international approvals.
In this chapter you will find all the accessories and parts that match our synthetic and metal cable glands.