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Social commitment - we perceive social support as matter of the heart

HUGRO supports the following projects for years:


Am Bruckwald

Am Bruckwald / Waldkirch

In the socio-therapeutic living and working community “Am Bruckwald” in Waldkirch live and work people with and without disabilities. They organize together with their families, parents and friends the living and working in the community. The purpose is to boost and obtain the area of work and life.


SOS Kinderdorf

SOS-Kinderdorf – SOS Children´s Village/ Sulzburg

The SOS-Kinderdorf Schwarzwald, Germany´s second oldest SOS-Children´s Village, was founded in Sulzburg near Freiburg in 1958. Over the last four decades more than 400 young people have built their own lifes out of the Children´s Village.



We are very proud of the individual initiative of our employees who are very involved in the following projects: