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KEL-Cable Entry System

The perfect solution for the assembly of prefabricated cables in

  • Control panel constructions
  • Controllers
  • Machine constructions
  • Plant constructions
  • Automotive industry
  • Electrical installations

his system is a combination of cable entry plate and split grommets, which guarantees the safe traction relief of inserted cables.

The advantage in the application is the divisibility of entry plates and grommets, which make it possible to fit pre-fabricated cables later even with different diameters, even in the tightest spaces. This system is particulary suitable for measuring, servo and computer cables or BUS systems.

The KEL Cable Entry System is available in 2 sizes. Grommets are available for cables with diameters of 3 - 34mm.

Advantages of this Cable Entry System:

  • Consistent split system
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • No need for a new cut-out or knock-out tool
  • Tight and secure connection