Special enclousures, Wall-mounted & Floor-standing enclousures


In addition to the production of standard steel and stainless steel sheet control cabinets, distribution boards, control consoles for indoor and outdoor applications, our customers can also create "atypical cabinets and special enclosures" in shape and color!

We work with the materials steel sheet and various stainless steel sheets.

For the tightness of cabinets and enclosures we use foamed PU seals. The spectrum of protection ranges from IP 20 to IP 66! The surface treatment using powder technology ensures high-quality corrosion protection.

In addition to our cabinets and special enclosures, we also manufacture a wide range of accessories with customization options to meet your needs and requirements.

In our section "Customer Applications" you will find some examples which we have implemented for our customers.

We are happy to put your thoughts and ideas into shape and color.