HUGRO Cable Protection

Cables and conductors require protection against external influences of various kinds. The diverse HUGRO range includes metal cable protection conduits, plastic cable protection conduits, corrugated tubes, metal conduit fittings and plastic conduit fittings. Ideal solutions for control cabinet and control system construction, machine, plant and vehicle construction as well as the electrical installation industry. The advantages of HUGRO cable protection solutions are not only the high protection performance but also the standard-compliant, simple and quick assembly.

Conduit Glands

Hose fittings

Metal and plastic conduit fittings are used whenever cables need additional protection. The right set of gland and protective conduit provide you with excellent protection, even against external influences, and for a secure connection. HUGRO offers premium products for this purpose. We have listed the most frequently requested items below. This is a small selection from our wide range of solutions.
Image HUGRO Series 3D-Data Name Story Catalogue
206.00 Combination hose fitting Page 206
211.00 Tube fitting Page 204
224.10 Tube fitting Page 214
260.00 Tube fitting Page 208
262.G1 Tube fitting Page 165
274.01 Platic tube fitting Page 213
294.01 Quick-assembly system Page 184

Protective Conduits

Protective hoses

Additional cable protection for safe cable routing and extra protection against external interference - these are offered by our protective hoses made of metal and plastic. HUGRO has a wide range of protective conduits and offers the right solution for (almost) all applications. We have listed our most successful items for you here.
Image HUGRO Series 3D-Data Name Story Catalogue
428.00 Metal protective conduit Page 197
440.00 Metal protective conduit Page 198
441.01 Metal protective conduit Page 199
447.01 Metal protective conduit Page 198
452.00 Plastic protective conduit Page 200



Safe cable routing and additional protection when it comes "around the corners". Whether 45° or 90° HUGRO offers a wide range of angles and thus guarantees the right solution. The items listed below are used particularly frequently by our customers. In addition, you will find further solutions in our large assortment.
Image HUGRO Series 3D-Data Name Story Catalogue
299.20 Tube holer Page 191
310.00 90° angle Page 237
311.00 45° angle Page 237
312.00 45° angle Page 236
319.00 90° angle Page 238
320.00 45° angle Page 241
360.00 90° angle Page 208
361.00 45° angle Page 208
394.00 90° angle Page 186
395.00 90° angle Page 187

Corrugated Tubes

Corrugated tubes

Safety has the highest priority. This is precisely why HUGRO corrugated tubes are frequently used and offer additional protection for your products. We have a wide range of solutions. In addition to the products shown here, we offer other variants - often from stock!
Image HUGRO Series 3D-Data Name Story Catalogue
490.01 Corrugated plastic tube Page 182
491.01 Corrugated plastic tube Page 182
494.01 Corrugated plastic tube Page 183
495.51 Corrugated plastic tube Page 193